NBR latex

NBR latex, short for nitrile butadiene rubber latex, is a synthetic rubber in liquid form that is milky white in appearance. It is known for its excellent tensile strength, chemical resistance, and good elongation and softness. NBR latex is used for dipping rubber for medical gloves.

Disposable gloves are used for hand protection or hygiene purposes during hand work. Especially in hospitals, disposable gloves are used to prevent healthcare workers and patients from being infected through hand contact during medical activities such as examinations and surgeries. Disposable gloves for medical purposes need to be thin and tear-resistant because the sensation transmitted to the fingertips of healthcare workers is important. It also needs to fit snugly on the palm and move smoothly so that fine work can be done even while wearing gloves.
To meet these requirements, "NBR latex" is widely used as a material for disposable gloves in medical applications. NBR latex disposable gloves have excellent abrasion resistance and durability, and are increasingly being used not only for medical purposes but also for industrial and labor protection gloves.


Good Elongation and Softness: NBR latex can be formulated to provide good elongation (ability to stretch) and softness, making it comfortable to use in applications such as gloves or foam products.
Excellent Whiteness: It has excellent Whitness.
Tensile Strength: NBR latex exhibits high tensile strength, meaning it can withstand stretching and pulling forces without breaking or tearing easily.
Chemical Permeation Resistance: NBR latex is resistant to permeation by a variety of chemicals, making it suitable for use in applications where exposure to chemicals is a concern.

Product application

Disposable gloves nitrile
It is suitable for the manufacture of various inspection, medical, electronic, industrial and general household gloves.

Labor gloves nitrile
It is suitable for the manufacture of gloves for labor protection and industry.

Frosted foam gloves

It is suitable for the manufacture of Frosted foam gloves.

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Medical Grade NBR LATEX


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